Tampa Drug Lawyer Uncategorized Which Judge will preside over my Tampa / Hillsborough County Drug Crimes Case?

Which Judge will preside over my Tampa / Hillsborough County Drug Crimes Case?

Dick Greco, Eric R Myers, Judge Scott A Farr, Lawrence M Lefler, Margaret R Taylor, Richard A Weis, Paul T Jeske, John N Conrad, Art McNeil, Drug Crimes Hillsborough, Drug Crimes Tampa

How are Judges in new Drug Crimes cases are assigned in Hillsborough County and Tampa, Florida?

Felony and Misdemeanor drug charges are assigned to the various divisions of the court. According to Court rules Misdemeanor Drug Crimes and criminal traffic offenses in which the offense occurred are assigned to a county criminal drug divisions according to the first letter of the defendant’s last name. Felony cases are randomly assigned to the circuit Judges.
The Drug Crimes rule also states, “When a  [Misdemeanor Drug Crimes] notice to appear, criminal report affidavit, or information is filed, the clerk will assign the case according to the following alphabetical distribution.” This means that misdemeanor drug cases outside of the Plant City, Florida Division will be assigned according to these charts and pictures seen above and below. Felony cases are all randomly assigned to the Tampa Division. If a defendant is on Probation, the case will be assigned to the Judge that originally heard the case(s).

Which Judge will  preside over my Tampa / Hillsborough County Drug Crimes Case?

First Letter
Last Name

Division /
Floor Courtroom
G, 0, S, U    Division A — Greco   2nd   20  
B, F, P    Division B — Myers   1st Floor   12  
D, M, N, X, Y    Division C — Farr   2nd   24  
C, K, R    Division D — Lefler   2nd   23  
H, L, W    Division E — Taylor   2nd   22  
A, E, J, I, Q, T, V, Z    Division G — Jeske   2nd   21  
First Appearance    Division 0 — Conrad   1st   15
Plant City    Division P — McNeil   2nd   1

Who Are the Hillsborough County Drug Crimes Judges?

Tampa Drug Crimes Judge Dick A Greco

Judge Dick Greco, Jr.

Division A  2nd Floor Courtroom 20 Drug Crimes


Elected Chief Judge.

Hillborough Drug Crimes Judge Eric Myers

Judge Eric R Myers

Division B 1st Floor Courtroom 12  Drug Crimes


Appointed to the bench by Jeb Bush in 2000.

Hillsborough Drug Crimes Judge Scott Farr

Judge Scott A Farr

Division C 2nd Floor Courtroom 24 Drug Crimes 


Appointed to the bench 2010.

Hillsborough County FL Drug Crimes Judge Lawrence Lefler

Judge Lawrence M Lefler

Division D 2nd Floor Courtroom 23   Drug Crimes


Veteran of Armed Services.

Hillsborough County Florida Drug Crimes Judge Margaret Taylor

Judge Margaret R Taylor

Division E 2nd Floor Courtroom 22  


Appointed by Governor Jeb Bush in 2005

Tampa Florida Drug Crimes Judge Richard Weis

Judge Richard A Weis

Domestic Violence Judge 

Division F 3rd Floor Courtroom 31  


Tampa Florida Drug Crimes Judge Paul Jeske

Judge Paul T Jeske

Division G 2nd Floor Courtroom 21  


Tampa Florida Drug Crimes Judge John Conrad

Judge John N Conrad

Division 0 1st Floor Courtroom 15


First Appearance Judge

Plant City Tampa  Florida Drug Crimes Judge Art McNeil

Judge Art McNeil

Plant City   Division P — McNeil   2nd Floor   Courtroom 1


Judge Art E. McNeil
301 N. Michigan Ave., Room 2006
Plant City, Florida 33563

Complete Directory of All Hillsborough County Drug Crimes Judges


Complete Listing of Misdemeanor Drug Crimes Criminal Local Rules of Court

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