Tampa Drug Lawyer Uncategorized Tampa Police Easy on #Cannabis at #Gasparilla?

Tampa Police Easy on #Cannabis at #Gasparilla?

Are Tampa Police Easy on #Cannabis at #Gasparilla?

2019 Drug Crimes Arrests


Felony Arrests

1 Domestic Battery
2 Battery on a law enforcement officer
2 Criminal mischief

Misdemeanor Arrests

1 Obstruct Oppose w/o Violence
2 Minor Possession Alcohol
3 Disorderly Conduct

Video – Tampa Police and Cannabis Arrests

What are Tampa Police Doing About Marijuana Possession?

I’m driving down Bayshore Boulevard scene of the largest party in the State of Florida, the Gasparilla pirate fest. There were hundreds, if not thousands, of police out here and there wasn’t a single arrest for cannabis; or for that matter for any drug crime.

So answer the question, “What are Tampa police doing about marijuana and arresting for marijuana?” I would say this year’s festival would establish that they are doing nothing about marijuana criminally.

But, there is a civil citation program where they can issue a ticket for possession of marijuana. For more details:


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