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Operation Blue Forest – Video Report

Operation Blue Forest
Drug Defense Attorney has just reviewed and summarized reports on Operation Blue Forest in Marion County, Florida. This case has all the facts I typically see as a Federal and not state Prosecution. Penalties under the United States Code are very tough. The presence of firearms could dramatically impact sentencing guidelines and preclude the availability of Safety Valve sentences that avoid Minimum Mandatory Prison Sentences for first-time offenders.

Looks like drugs were bought in Tampa and taken back to Marion County, Florida. Prescription drugs were then distributed from the primary target’s home in or near the Ocala National Forest.

Operation Blue Forest By The Numbers:

11 Month Operation
35 people into custody in Marion County
7,000 oxycodone pills
1,680 methadone pills
$16,000 in cash 
$15 – 20 per Pill
200 charges
$5 million Bail
$96,326 profit in 6 weeks
8 Warrants Still Outstanding

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Law Enforcement Agencies:

Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team
Multi-Agency Drug Enforcement Team
Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Marion County Sheriff
Ocala Police 

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