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Florida Pain Clinic Pill Mill Bust | By The Numbers

Pain Clinic Pill Mill Attorney
Florida Pain Clinic Pill Mill Defense Attorney Lawyer has obtained a report from a law enforcement source detailing a recent covert narcotics investigation in central Florida’s Tampa Bay area. The report lays out the tactics used to arrest patients leaving medical providers that cops have labelled “pill mills.”

Summary of Two Day Results:

27 Arrested
30 Field Interviews
24 Citations

Pinellas County Florida Sheriff’s Office reports, “Using surveillance, deputies and Narcotics K-9 Teams made contact with individuals leaving suspected pill mills. Based on information obtained during those encounters, detectives were able to develop probable cause to make a total of 27 arrests.” The cop’s report states they, “conducted covert operations to identify individuals and organizations involved in criminal activity.”

Complete Pinellas County Sheriff Pill Mill Pain Clinic Bust Report is Here.

Florida Pain Clinic Pill Mill Arrest? Call 813-222-2220

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