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Florida Marijuana Supreme Court Video

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Florida Marijuana Supreme Court Video

Florida Marijuana 

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Florida Marijuana lawyer monitored the live hearings from the Supreme Court this morning. The video will be live below. Essentially the State Attorney General, wants to remove the issue of legalization from the ballot to protect the public.

Attorneys Jon L. Mills (pro-weed) and Allen Winsor (anti-drug) spent over an hour explaining how good or bad the recent efforts to change Florida marijuana / Cannabis laws would be understood by voters. One brief was filed by a group known as “Save our Society from Drugs.”

One Justice began by questioning whether a stressed out college student could legally receive a physician certification that cannabis was needed to alleviate stress due to college exams. Another questioned whether the proposed law could adequately be summarized in the 75 words allowed under Florida law. The title of the ballot initiative can only be 15 words.

Here is the Video of the Florida Supreme Court Marijuana Arguments


Another significant issue was raised around 45 minutes into the questioning where one member of the Court expressed concern that the change in Florida law would still be contrary to Federal Law , where cannabis remains a controlled substance.

The State is afraid, ” The proposal hides the fact that the Amendment would make Florida one of the most lenient medical-marijuana states, allowing use for limitless “other conditions” specified by any physician. With no “condition” off limits, physicians could authorize marijuana for anything, any time, to anyone, of any age.” The Attorney General also notes, “summary does not tell voters that the Amendment offers physicians constitutional immunity from civil liability, criminal liability, and any other discipline.” Finally the State’s lawyer questions whether the ballot, “summary suggests that medical marijuana is permissible under federal law [when] . . . the medical use of marijuana is a federal criminal offense.” 



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