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Florida Cocaine Minimum Mandatory Law

Florida Statute § 893.135  Cocaine Minimum Mandatory Sentences

The Florida Statutes on Cocaine provide harsh minimum mandatory sentences that kick-in at 28 grams. The stakes become higher when 400 grams or 10,000 plants are alleged and proven by admissible evidence to a jury and/or sentencing judge in Florida State Courts.

Knowingly sells, purchases, manufactures, delivers, or brings into the state, or who is knowingly in actual or constructive possession of Cocaine:

Drug Amount                          Mandatory Minimum Sentence & Fine

28 – 200 grams                          3 years, $50,000 fine

200 – 400 grams                        7 years, $100,000 fine

400 grams – 150 kilograms        15 years, $250,000 fine

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