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Don't Bring a Taser to a Gunfight at a Growhouse

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Don’t bring a taser to a Growhouse gunfight –
you will lose in Tampa, Florida.
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Firearms and Growhouses

What happens when you Bring a Taser to a Gunfight? You lose. Two guys from South Florida planned on breaking into a Tampa grow house using a couple of tasers. The would-be grow house invaders thought they would sneak around to the back and kick in the back door.

Bad move: the occupant(s) were waiting locked and loaded.

After an argument, the occupant(s) of the grow house were armed and returned fire. Apparently, the taser-wielding rascals rented a car in South Florida and drove to the 16000 block of Dew Drop Lane in Tampa. UPDATE: The Tampa Bay Times reports the growhouse address as 16310 Dew Drop Lane, Tampa, Florida 33625.

“The score: Firearm 2 – Taser 0.  Both guys ended up in the  emergency room”
The occupants of the growhouse remain unknown and on the Run. Here is a map of 16000 Dew Drop Ln, Tampa Florida 33625.  The incident occurred in Northern Hillsborough County and the injuries were not life-threatening. 

Growhouse Search Warrant

“Deputies say the shooter fled 
the scene and has not been found”

The cops have gotten a search warrant and entered the house early Sunday morning to continue their investigation of this latest Hillsborough County grow house.

Botched Invasion and Robbery of a Florida Growhouse

Inside they expected to remove the contents of the grow house. They blew the back door and the occupant(s) started firing. The score: Firearm 2 – Taser 0. Both guys ended up in the emergency room at a Hillsborough County, Florida hospital and are recovering. They are not cooperating with the police.

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